5 Ways to Make Your Big Problems Small

Break you biggest problem into small problems and tackle those one at a time.

Sometimes a problem can look so huge that you don’t even know where to begin. The truth is, it is probably too big to deal with as is. You need to start breaking it down into "5 Ways to Make Your Big Problems Small"manageable pieces.

First, forget about how the problem got this big.

At this point it doesn’t matter. Also forget about who is to blame, again that will not help you to deal with this size of a problem. You need to look at the mini problems that make up this massive one. Find four or five sub problems that fuel it and make this thing huge.

Second, look at the list and see what mini problems cannot be solved by money.

These are usually relationship orientated or health orientated. The problems that money can’t solve might be a result of the lack of money but money is not the solution. These problems will take a lot more time and effort to solve and you will need to put them further down the list in terms of ones that you can ratify right away.  You need them on the list now because these problems are also the most important ones.

Third, look at the problems that can be solved with money.

This is where you can begin to tackle the list. Any problem that money can solve is not really a problem because the solution is simple, learn how to earn or raise more money. Easier said than done right. Money problems always have a solution as long as you are willing to face the problem and do what is necessary to start turning things around. The hardest part of money problems is to acknowledge it but remember, no one is immune to this and almost everyone is sympathetic.

The littlest changed to how you view and deal with money will start to improve your financial situation. Just cutting out coffee at your local shop and instead brewing your own at home will add up in just a few weeks. Cutting back on food purchases is another quick way to see more cash in your pocket. Not using your car after work, walking instead will add up pretty quick and is a sure way to improve your health.

Fourth, prioritize your list into things that you can complete or improve on each week.

The easiest things to tackle are the ones you will do first. This will help you to build momentum as you ready yourself for the larger items in the weeks to come.  Try to solve one mini problem at a time and focus on the solution until you achieve it. Some solutions will take longer to develop, be patient and realize that once it is complete you are one step closer to getting this huge problem out of your life.

Lastly, be grateful that you have the power to change your situation.

Keep thinking about how much easier your life will be once you don’t have to deal with this issue anymore. Be grateful that you have the time and opportunity to change it. Be grateful that you can and will solve it. Believe that it is just a temporary problem even though it is huge and celebrate each time you solve the mini problem.

Remember, on the other side of every hurdle is satisfaction and relief.


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"5 Ways to Make Your Big Problems Small"

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5 Ways to Make Your Big Problems Small.
Making problems go away is impossible. Here are 5 ways to make your big problems more manageable.