5 Ways to Magnetize Those Situations You Desire

Magnetize Those Situations You Desire.
Stop Pointing Out the Unwanted Problems.


The laws of the universe are quite basic in content and yet it seems so difficult to magnetize what we want consistently. We carry messages around with us of what we believe about ourselves. They could be messages of judgment, false opinions from others about ourselves, self-hate because someone said something terrible about us-which they were really feeling about themselves. Or self-doubt because someone didn’t trust in their own abilities and made us believe that our intelligence was somehow lacking. When we buy into these false beliefs and see ourselves as being flawed we truly magnetize the unwanted places, people and circumstances into our lives.

Unfortunately, we often participate in the pointing out of other people’s mistakes, which gives us a kind of lift because in a distorted way we feel it makes up for the lack in us, what we really feel about ourselves. We pass the baton on, so to speak.

So let’s talk about how pointing out other people’s mistakes may magnetize those same situations back to us.
  1. When someone tells us about a situation or a piece of juicy gossip, we often retell that person’s problem to yet another person with vivid words and a strong sense of emotion.


  1. The point at issue with this is, when we are duplicating what happened in a situation that was unfortunate, or sad, or woeful we place a lot of effort in the summary to clarify its meaning. When we place that much effort we are also connecting our emotional feelings to it. It is with our emotions that we magnify either negative situations or the positive situations back to us."5 Ways to Magnetize Those Situations You Desire"


  1. This is a basic law of the universe. It is quite simple. It says our emotions and words are the magnet to all people, places and situations that enter our lives.

  1. When we pass the baton on we may say such things as “How stupid was that person for doing that,” or, “How sad it is for that person now,” and maybe, “It looks good on her/him to get that back for what they did.” It isn’t good to gossip, but sometimes we get caught up in how strongly we feel about the situation. However, be warned for the danger of this is: the more emotional feeling you put into this piece of gossip the easier it is for that situation to magnetize back into your life.


  1. The best and most helpful way of attracting joy into our lives is not to get caught up in the reiterating of bad situations. Learn to point out more of the good stuff that you hear about and then through the powerful law of attraction you will attract more of the good stuff into your life.


Pointing out other people’s problems do not serve us.

It is easy to invite that problem into your life through the retelling of it. The more you point out people, places and situations that you disapprove of the more you’ll magnetize those same people, places and situations into your life. It’s a universal law and it works every time.


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Author Bio: Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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