3 Easy Ways to a True Relationship

3  Easy Ways to a True Relationship

No one ever comes to this earth to have the enormous responsibility of satisfy another’s needs. Yet this is what most people believe. They believe that the person that loves them must be what they want them to be. They put false expectations on that person and the relationship turns sour after some time, in accordance to how broad a person’s need is that the partner should be who they want them to be. Sometimes both partners live under this mistaken foundation, this is when the relationship becomes quite intolerable for both parties.

When we look for a person to fill all of our needs we will always feel let down because such a person is impossible to find especially a person that we believe we can change. We are all born with certain personality traits and as difficult it is to change ourselves it is difficult for someone to shake off all of those underlying messages that run through their mind about who they are, also."3  Easy Ways to a True Relationship"

So we’ve been delivered some erroneous ideas about ourselves over the years especially from childhood where we took all false messages about who we really are to be truths, and we’ve not only lived with these ideas of how we’re supposed to be, do and act, now we’re asked to be, do and act even differently because we are committed to a new expectation in our relationship.

We ourselves have a unimaginable time trying to make this great change yet-again in our life, so how do we expect another to do that for us?

So How Do We Get Around This?

Is there a way that I could have a wonderful relationship that would work out without a lot of pushing the person to change or for that person to accept me as I am?

Yes, there certainly is. Universal laws flow with harmonious energies. And all that we are seeing in our lives and our relationships is what we have offered up until this point, with either positive or negative energy.


  1. If we confuse need with love we are trying to bring two opposing points together, it will never happen. The need of something or someone to satisfy your need is a representative of how much fear is in your life. Fear cannot produce a loving relationship because they are two opposite poles, love at one end, fear at the opposite.


  1. It is very important how we view ourselves. We have to move ourselves to a place where we can respect ourselves and are conscious of our own needs and fulfill them ourselves without waiting for others to do so.


  1. We have to come to a deep love for ourselves first, and then we can truly give love out without complaint, blame, jealousy or judgement. This is the way we find that mutual, respectful love partner that we so desire. This is the way you find yourself in a great relationship without the need to change the other person.
So the answer is: if you want a deep, valuable, and significant relationship in your life then become that person you want to attract. And you will attract them without a doubt, it is a universal law!
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