3 Ways to Make Your Day More Exciting

3 ways to make your day more exciting

Each morning you wake up and you start your morning ritual. You do your usual tasks and get things ready then you leave the house at approximately the same time and take the same route, probably park in the same spot and so on and so forth. It is comfortable, predictable and mundane.

Here are 3 ways to make your day more exciting.

  • Give yourself extra time in the morning. Start your day earlier so that you can take time to have a big breakfast. Prepare a big breakfast like you would have at a hotel and take time to enjoy it. Make this a treat that you will give yourself once a week for the next four weeks. Change the day you do it each week so that it will not become a 3 waysroutine. Plan ahead so you already know what you will make in the morning so you can look forward to it.






  • Leave early one day a week so you can take a different route in the morning. Maybe you can stop at a coffee shop that you have never been to before. This will make your day new and unpredictable. You will experience something different even if you ae going to the same place every day. Try this once a week for the next four weeks.


  • Do something during the week that you normally only do on the weekend. Try this once or twice over the next four weeks. This will take a bit of planning and staying up to watch a movie at home doesn’t count.
Go down town for a coffee and a walk. Go to the nearby city to shop.  Go out to see a live band, go to the lake or the beach for a late night walk.

Plan this with someone and pick a night that you will do this. Mark it on the calendar and look forward to it. Get excited to do it like you get excited for the week end. Take time to enjoy it and don’t think about the time while you are experiencing it or the next day.

Try these 3 ways out and I am sure you will make your day more exciting and less predictable.


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