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Welcome to a best seller novel on Amazon, Love, Life and Beyond. Now available for order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and over 38,000 retailers world-wide. It could possibly change your life in a joyous way!
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I was a fictional writer first and had written this book a few years ago called,  ‘Love, Life and Beyond I was told by a writing coach, that this particular story couldn’t be done, and spiritual mentors talking to the reader is not acceptable or creditable in fiction. However, an agent told me that when you are told it can’t be done you do it! The reason the writing coach made this statement about my novel ‘Love, Life and Beyond‘ was because it has delightful mentors from the non-physical who provide powerful messages directly to you the reader. When you read it you will see that they prove different, and worthy to be in this story and they can actually change your life! You will see what I mean when you listen to what they have to say.

"A Best Seller - Love, Life and Beyond"


If you are tired of the usual conventional story-lines and you crave something more out of this world and yet something that works for you this fictional story peppered with some non-fictional insights has arrived. Here is a brief synopsis of  “Love, Life and Beyond“,


Synopsis: Amid issues of racism, drugs and teen problems, “Love, Life and Beyond” shows the reader another way at looking at life’s jarring troubles through the story of Anne, a racist from the South, who dies from a brain aneurism. After some time to reflect in the spiritual realm, Anne’s soul is ready for another trial on Earth—this time in the body of Nova: a black girl.

By means of some ethereal circumstances Nova finds herself hurled into the hostility of hate by her former family, Anne’s daughter, Brenda, along with Brenda’s son and daughter, Trent and Sonia; having no clue of her previous non-physical proclamation to transform their beliefs.

A personal battle erupts when Trent and Nova are thrown together many times through distressing situations.

Sonia gets involved with the wrong crowd and begins using drugs, and by coincidence—or fate—Nova is the only person capable of helping Brenda and her family. Trent resents her association with his family and like a smoldering volcano Trent and Nova reach their boiling point with venomous hate for one another—until something unforeseen happens and the impact of it alters all of their lives forever.

Press Release
: “Through this fictional story,’ Love, Life and Beyond,’ Pamela Hamilton manages to teach the value of the soul through her willingness to go against conventional thinking and the harsh illusion of many of our core beliefs in an exclusive way.”

Be aware these amazing mentors may influence your life also, nevertheless, only in a way you would want them to!

Nick Ferindo, editor:Overall, I was impressed with this project; Pamela Hamilton has a unique idea here and addresses some important issues in a clever way”

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Amazon, Barnes and Noble and over 38,000 retailers world-wide. Also friesenpress.com


"A Best Seller - Love, Life and Beyond"








22 'A Best Seller - Love, Life and Beyond'




Born in Leicester England, Pamela Hamilton has been writing since 1990. She has a diploma for Creative Writing with Highest Honors with the Stratford Career Institute of Toronto.

Pamela was first introduced to Universal Laws in the 1980’s and became infatuated with them. Although she explored these laws for quite some time it wasn’t until 2012 that she pursued her studies diligently in these infinite Laws to find out how they work in one’s life. Due to the many misunderstandings of these beliefs Pamela has brought her own creativity into her fictional story Love, Life and Beyond to shed light on how love and joy can be obtained in everyone’s life.

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey.

Your Friend Pamela


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