Product Launch: 3 Great Ways to Create An Exciting & Successful Product Launch

The product launch is one of the most exciting and stressful times in the journey to success.

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But it doesn’t have to be stressful at all if you do a few simple steps first. As I am about to launch my new One Chapter Book series  I thought now is a good time to share with you 3 Great Ways to Create An Exciting & Successful Product Launch.

Tell Your Story

Behind every great product there’s a story of how and why it came to be. The more interesting the story is the more engaged your audience will become. The story should give the reason why you created the product and what’s exciting about the product for the purchaser.

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When I decided to write One Chapter Books it was because I found myself looking at the huge stack of business & marketing success books in my room and I realized that the majority of those books were only half read or ⅔’s complete.

So I thought to myself, ‘Why did I only read a part of these books. Why do I never get to the end of these success & wealth creation books?’ It was because of the reason I decided to read the book in the first place. I wanted to find the particular solution to the problem I was facing and once I got to that chapter, even if I read past that chapter a little bit, I soon found myself closing the book and putting the new knowledge into action.

Then I thought, ‘Are there more entrepreneurs like me out there who are just looking for the answer to one problem right now and don’t have time to read the whole 200 page book!?’

That’s when the idea came to me, “What if I just write books that solve one business problem at a time? Wouldn’t that be cool, Fun and exciting at the same time? If I just wrote the one chapter the struggling entrepreneur needs and tell them how to take action now to solve this one problem!’

And Voila! The One Chapter Book series was born. I’m now solving entrepreneur problems one chapter at a time. You read the chapter and then take action and create success right away!

You see the story doesn’t have to be super wordy or complicated, just make it quick and easy to digest. If the story is unique tell it. If it isn’t make it personal and interesting. The main thing is you need to tell your story. People connect to stories not products.

Know Who You Want To Talk To

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Give this some real thought. Everyone in the world will love your product if it’s great but you can’t tell your story to everyone. It has to be personalized to your base audience. These are the people who will get it and connect with it right away. These are the people you need to talk to directly in your story.

In my story you will notice that I am talking to entrepreneurs even though my one chapter books can help small businesses, sales people, Startups, MLM affiliates and many more.

If I tried to talk to all of them at the same time my message wouldn’t be clear and concise. I am talking directly to entrepreneurs so they know this book is for them. To build the freedom to live life on their terms and create their passion business in the exact way they want it.

Knowing who you are talking to will help you get your product in front of the people who will use it and want it right now. And the key to a great product launch is creating excitement and demand with your audience that can use it as soon as they get it.

Once your clear on your story and who you are talking to now you can use these to build your marketing campaign.

Creating Dynamic Marketing Campaign For Your Product Launch

This is where you can be creative. There are sound bites built into your story that have the words that connect your audience to your product. This is where the fun begins. Start thinking about the various ways you can share your story and the many platforms you can bring it too.

You can use blogs like this one. Post on social media. Creative hashtags. Giveaways and promo codes all written and created around your product launch. Ideally I have found 14 – 30 days is the best time frame for launching a brand new product. If it is already established you can extent the campaign.

The key is to make sure your marketing matches your target audience. If you are looking to attract a younger audience don’t create marketing that speaks to their parents. It may sound funny but I have seen it many times. Do things that will stand out. Things that will make people think. Things that will ask a question that the reader will already know the answer to, and the answer is of course, they need your product.


In my next blog I will give you 3 critical elements your marketing campaign must have to succeed. I will explain the picture above and how this is a critical piece of my marketing campaign for my product launch.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation. What is A Perfect Vacation?

Is there such a thing as a perfect vacation?

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
Noosa, Queensland, Australia

I believe implicitly in Universal Laws. I know they work because they have shown themselves often to me now with a truth so strong—it only takes a matter of belief and expectation on my part to activate how I want a situation to turn out.

So allow me to show you how this works.

I was due to take a vacation to Australia and New Zealand via Vancouver. So simply put, me and my husband was about to embark on six separate flights. We would be dealing with airport staff, airport vendors, bus drivers, cab drivers and many other people throughout the journey.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
“A Wonderful view from the window where we stayed in “Hope Island Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Years ago, before I had any knowledge of these Universal laws I would have thought about all what could possibly go wrong. I would have been visualizing people giving us a difficult time maybe our cases weighing too much—or a possible thousand other negative scenarios. However, now I know different and I decided that I was going to have the perfect vacation.

About three months before I was to leave I wrote a sort of affirmation. I stated how wonderful all the people were to us at the airports and all those we dealt with and those who dealt with us. I wrote this as if it had already taken place. I visualized how all the people including our hosts, and people associated with them were fun to be around and how they enjoyed our company also. I saw wonderful people. I felt the pleasure of it all. I felt great appreciation.

I didn’t see the air trip as long, boring and hard to deal with when we was going over to Brisbane. I saw myself handling it very well.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
The Magic Box

I wrote this down as if I had written it after the vacation had happened. I wrote it like a short story and then I read it every single morning. I felt excited and happy as I did this. I was able to feel the way I would when this eventually would take place. I felt gratitude for all what would take place before it happened.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
The notes I had written before I left for the vacation



had suggested to keep a box and write on it “Whatever is contained in this box… is!” I had had this box awhile back and placed the things that I wanted to take place, or things that I wanted to materialize in this magical box. Pictures, words I had written that I wanted which will manifest if you believe they will. That is the is part. And so, a few days before I left I wrote a condensed version of what I wanted to materialize on this vacation on separate small pieces of paper and placed them in this box.

On the actual vacation it was so rewarding to hear my husband and myself when we reiterated how wonderful people were. Everyone it seemed went out of their way to help us or just be nice to us. My husband repeated how nice this one or that person was. We met some fantastic people on our trip, all who were pleasant and fun to be around. We laughed so much and our hosts were all amazing. We had the best places to stay and with the best people. We loved Australia and New Zealand.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation
The Southern Alps, New Zealand (They were breathtaking!)

When we arrived back in Vancouver at 9:00 in the morning, almost five weeks later, after almost 14 hours straight flight from Brisbane our hotel room was ready for us, so we could rest right the way! Thank you Pacific Gateway hotel, Vancouver Airport. The people were so helpful and I give so much appreciation to everyone.

This was the perfect vacation and I knew why this all happened. It was no coincidence it was a glorious manifestation at its best. Whatever you think and believe, keep the focus and expect. It will manifest for sure.

Thank You!

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your How to Find the Perfect VacationInvincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.

Your Friend, Pamela

Dream Big: Where Can Your Imagination Take You?

Dream Big. Dream Bigger. Create the Big Dream


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This is where it all started for me. This was the beginning of what was to come next. How I was gonna get there. I had to learn how to dream big.

Now I know, it sounds straight-froward but it’s not. It wasn’t until I learned how to play a little game. This little game is something  I use all the time. It’s one of the things I talk about in my new book, Money Moves: The Proven Strategy 2 Make Your Dream Become a Paycheck.

But don’t worry you don’t have to download the book to learn about this technique. I’m gonna share it with you right now so you can start trying it out right away. If you want to download the book you can do that too. I’m giving it away for free for a limited time.

Let’s Play the Dream Big Game

So what I do is simply this. I play the ‘What If Game’ It’s a game I learned from another mentor named Robert Z. But what I did is modify it a bit to make it work even better for me.

So let me explain how it works and how I use it to create momentum and success in all areas of my life. SOUND GOOD?

dream big, what if, manifesting success

The first thing I do is I write down a statement. I write down, ‘Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if?’ and then I write something crazy that’s related to what I want to achieve in the next 30 – 90 days. Now when I say crazy I mean CRAZY.


Now I don’t normally do this but I’ma let you in on one of my Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Dream Big statements just so you get a real feel for what I mean by Let’s Get Crazy.

One of the things I’ve actually wrote down on my paper is…

Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Oprah Started Tweeting Our Your Invincible Power Book and Featured It In Her Magazine! 

dream big, success, laptop lifestyle

OK, do I expect Oprah to start tweeting our book (Sorta…) But what this exercise really does is allow you to be creative with what could happen. Sure it’s possible that this could happen. Oprah could anonymously receive our book while she’s visiting a city near by in the near future – i’m just sayin!

But the more creative you can be with the What If Game the more you can engage your imagination. And the more you do that the more miraculous your life will suddenly become. (This is part of the Visualization Training too)

Try this out and see what kind of crazy possibilities you can create for your goals and dreams.

What’s that…You want to learn more about the Proven Strategy?

Click the Link to get instant access to my new eBook NoweBook, success, law of attraction

Marketing: Why You Should Promote What You Do

Marketing: Why You Should Promote What You Do?

I know this might seem obvious but I run into people all the time that are afraid they might over promote what they do or are afraid to boost posts or run ads. Now I know that no one wants to be a salesman. No one wants to ask for the sale but guess what. That’s how things get sold but there’s a trick to it.

And this is what I’m going to share with you right now.

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Promoting is not Selling

Here’s the first thing that most entrepreneurs and small businesses get confused with. Marketing is simply letting people know who you are and what you do. That’s what promoting is. You’re not selling anything by doing that. What you’re doing is helping people know who you are and how to find you if they need you.

I often coach people on this point as it’s something that seems to be a hurdle for anyone with a great idea and the passion to make it a business. How do I sell without being a salesman.

If you want to discuss this with me shoot me an email and we can set up a consult.

Everyone is Marketing

The other day I heard a commercial on the radio. It was McDonald’s promoting their new Coffee and a Muffin deal. You could get a coffee and muffin for $1.99 They made a big deal about it  and it was entertaining but here’s the catch. You could always buy a coffee and muffin at McDonald’s but because they were promoting it guess what happened?

marketingThat’s right.

They  sold a boat load of muffins each morning.


Because they reminded people that they sell muffins too.

What an easy promo. I’m sure there’s something you do that more people would want if they knew you did it right?

Think about this, if McDonald’s promotes what they do even though they already have an abundance of traffic each day then what’s wrong with you promoting what you do?

Did you know promoting is the first step in the sales process?


Read this related Blogs. Marketing: Don’t Make This Mistake

Want to learn more tricks like how to position the sale, asking for the money and using DM to close more deals?

Stay tune, I’m doing some blogs, podcasts and eBooks in the upcoming weeks just to help you create the toolbox for success.

Goal Setting: The Question I Get Asked The Most – Where Do I Start?

Goal Setting: The Question I get asked the most – Where Do I Start?



This can be tricky to figure out


I know when I first got started I could see so many ways to get there but I would get confused and frustrated in what way to go. It seemed like every route I took ended in the same place.


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Me hitting a roadblock  that I couldn’t navigate! (This really sucks)





I would read motivational books, talk to coaches, watch YouTube videos but nothing seems to answer the question, ‘Where do I start?’

Then I realized the problem


It wasn’t where I was starting that was the problem. It was the way I was approaching the goal. I didn’t have a sound goal setting system.

I was following what everyone was doing but only a select few really achieved their goals using this method. I knew that what I needed was a different approach. One that fit what I was doing and how I wanted to succeed.

So, what was my Goal Setting solution?

I decided to create my own system based on what was consistently working for me. This system was simple and based on what other people were doing except for one key thing.

I changed the steps to get there. 

Just by doing this one alteration I was able to reach my goals and make my dreams become real. I was able to change the way I was living and make money doing things I’m passionate about.

This was very freeing and exciting too.

So What Did I Do?

I threw away my calendar. Well…OK…I didn’t exactly throw it away but I put it aside and I started with the goal. I looked at the many ways to get there and factored in time and resources.

I created a MOTTO that fit my attitude and desires and then I put a real achievable goal setting plan into place.

I tested it and fine tuned it until it worked each and every time for me. Then I shared it with some of my clients just to make sure it could work for anyone.

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Now I am sharing this strategy with those who want to achieve their dreams too. 

If you want to learn more about this and find out how you can get instant access to this awesome new eBook just CLICK THE LINK NOW



Manifest Success – 3 Things You Need to Know Right Now. Success Motivation

Manifest Success – 3 Things You Need to Know Right Now

Business, Success tips, Money, manifest success

I recently published my weekly podcast show – Using the Law of Attraction in Your Daily Lives. This episode is all about creating success featuring the 10 things you need to know right now.  But I’m not going to tell you all 10 things in this blog. Instead I’ll give you 3 things you need to know right now to manifest success.

These 3 things are among the most important things you need to manifest success.


1. Know What You Want and Decide What You Are Willing to do to get it

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This is where some make their biggest mistake. They have a dream about living the Instagram lifestyle but they have no idea of what it will take to get there. But worse, they have no idea of what they are willing to sacrifice to get there. Manifesting success has a price but most people don’t take the time to figure out the cost before they play. They just jump in and start paying until they run out of currency. So what do you do? Listen to the Podcast to find out. Continue reading Manifest Success – 3 Things You Need to Know Right Now. Success Motivation

Drake – You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start in the Morning

Drake – You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start in the Morning

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This is one of my favorite lines from Drake from his song, Signs. But what does it have to do with the Law of Attraction? How does this relate to success?

When I hear this line You Can Drink All Day If You Don’t Start In the Morning it is like I’m receiving a hidden message. It’s like I’m getting a prompt to say, ‘Hey what are you Doing?’ Continue reading Drake – You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start in the Morning

The Fear of Something New – Using the Law of Attraction In Your Daily Lives

Fear: Letting go of the fear of something new. 

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 Have you ever let fear stop you from doing something that you felt you could do?

Have you ever let the idea of fear paralyze you?


I’m going to share with you my story of the fear of something new.

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Facing the very thing that I was afraid of and why I did this. Why I decided to face something that in my mind was extremely scary.

It is the mindset of fear that created the pictures in my mind of the worst possible outcome imaginable. It is the feeling of imminent danger! This can become an incapacitating fear.

But in facing this fear I was able to really define what my limitations were. It was a freeing experience that allowed me to identify what my possibilities truly are. I was able to replace the feelings of dread with other more useful and powerful feelings.
Continue reading The Fear of Something New – Using the Law of Attraction In Your Daily Lives