The #1 Blocker That Is Stopping You From Succeeding

The #1 Blocker That Is Stopping You From Succeeding

London On Can – W.T. Hamilton

You see so many people crushing it on Instagram, living their dream life, doing the things you wish you could do. But it is not because they’re smarter than you, or luckier than you. It has nothing to do with talent, skills or money. 


None of this plays a big factor in the difference between you dreaming about doing it and them doing it, so what is it that is the Big Game Changer that allows some people to live their dream life while you struggle to live yours? Continue reading The #1 Blocker That Is Stopping You From Succeeding

The Leading Strategies You Should Be Using To Sell Your Book

Being an independent author, you’re faced with so many spectacular options and amazing advice on the best ways to promote your future best selling book that it can be overwhelming and down right expensive.

So what do you do?

London, On – W.T. Hamilton

The Leading Strategies You Should Be Using To Sell Your Book

You’ve spent months and months laboring over your baby, making sure everything is as close to perfect as you can humanly make it. Worrying about comma placement, spelling, quotations and sentence structure.

And once all that work is done, you had to start thinking about the cover art


and the back cover blurb. You’ve poured all your energy into this and just when you thought the hardest part was over – writing your book – someone tells you (That someone is me) that you now have to create a crystal clear strategy to sell your book.



Yes, this is where the real work starts. But don’t get upset. This can be a lot of fun and very rewarding if you want it to be and if you let it be.

So what do we have to do? Continue reading The Leading Strategies You Should Be Using To Sell Your Book

“Where the Wind Blows” (New Novel)


Where the Wind Blows


I am delighted to say that Where the Wind Blows is now on Amazon and all online bookstores on Kindle. Print book will follow in the next day or so.

And for those of you who want to know more about this novel please read below.

Thank you for all the interest you have given to this book and for following the journey of this novel.  click here for the link  

I give a heart full of appreciation.

Your Friend Pamela



This is the book cover for Where the Wind Blows .

"Where the Wind Blows" (New Novel)






The picture on the cover is from a scene in the book where Bridget almost gets raped and George Morley’s coach just misses running into her while she tries to flee. However, the old farmer, who is trying to catch up to her, has other intentions for her.

Please read below for more info on this storyline.

This is the scene in the book that the artist drew from:

Farmer Cankford had been taunting the young dairy maid for some time. Then in Bridget Turner’s fifteenth year, he insisted that she accompany him to the market in the village of Anstey. She was to help sell the butter there.

He had hardly spoken to her until they were about two miles away from the market. On the way back, with steel-gray-eyes, and his voice eerily cool, he said, ‘You’re a beautiful girl. Just like your mother was.’

A terrifying sense of foreboding washed over her. Her pulse raised rapidly when he pulled the cart off of the main track and entered a wooded area. The late afternoon was drawing in, and the still blackness of trees drew a dark cloak of dread about her.

He stopped at a secluded spot and turned in her direction. Roughly he placed his huge arms around her while she struggled in terror to be free.

‘Don’t skirmish so,’ he demanded, while his wet mouth and rank breath saturated her face and neck.

It was all that she could take when his large hand moved over her breast. In a panic she brought her teeth down on his cheekbone, and his body jerked backward which gave her what she needed, a chance to leap down from the cart. He blistered the air itself with his oaths before he jumped from the cart and chased her, but his fat body was slow, and he was soon out of breath.

She fled with such speed out of the woods and across the road that George Morley’s coach almost ran into her. In her fright Bridget hadn’t been aware of the coach. She entered a field and ran through long, straw like grass. She thought her lungs would burst when finally, she glanced behind her. He was no longer in sight.

Here is the back cover:

Ben Walters moves from extreme poverty to wealth beyond his dreams which he pays the horrific price for when he is set up in a corrupt syndicate that he doesn’t have a clue about.

However, Ben is sharp-witted himself and through some ingenious ideas he becomes a man of influential authority.  He changes his identity to George Morley and becomes  forceful character with intentions to unearth the men who framed him and bring them to justice. Regardless, he is also a compassionate man and helps those impoverished people of his past which changes the course of his life.

Bridget Turner enters George’s life when she is only fifteen years of age. She is almost raped by the farmer she works for when George comes across them and saves her. She is younger than his own children and his heart sorrowfully goes out to her. Their paths move in many different directions until eventually they meet up years later through the affluent Giles family, who are behind the set up and George’s imprisonment. Although George doesn’t suspect the Giles, he constantly finds himself involved with them.

George again saves Bridget by helping her and her family out of the poverty-stricken life they are living. The friendship between George and Bridget builds until Bridget feels more like a daughter to George and he a father to Bridget. However, he is unaware of the heartbreaking secret that not only Bridget holds but through the Giles she has innocently involved his son, Quinton in. This deceitful connection in turn deeply hurts the one person that both Bridget and Quinton look up to and adore, George Morley.

"Where the Wind Blows" (New Novel)

Can they ever get passed this heartrending deceit?

*    *    *

The journey through this book takes the reader on a roller-coaster of deception, hidden secrets and murder.

I wrote Where the Wind Blows over twenty years ago; it was my first novel and I loved every minute of it. When you write historical stories there is a whole kit and caboodle of factual variables that one may need to authenticate a story. In the days I was researching these facts there was no internet and so I had to go to England a number of times from Canada to spend days in Libraries and find what I needed. At that time my sister, Yvonne, who lived in England was a wonderful help and took two buses to the records offices and literally wrote by hand pages of information which she had to decipher from hand written documents. I used quite a bit of that research to weave the many twists and turns together. I am eternally grateful to the memory of my dear sister Yvonne who has passed but who I know would dearly love me to publish this novel.

I am a Leicester girl who is now living in Canada and have been for many years. I am also someone who loves historical novels which prompted me to write this story. I started my website to promote this novel and then I got into Universal Laws and somehow Where the Wind Blows got lost in the process.

However, I decided to take another look at Where the Wind Blows and a strong voice was screaming out for me to publish this novel. Where the Wind Blows is so very different from anything I have published to this date. It is a murder mystery but draws to it the changes in the social structure and political attitudes of not only Leicester but England at that time. It spans from the years of 1848 – 1879.

I invite you to look out for Where the Wind Blows coming soon to Amazon and all online bookstores.


Pamela Hamilton "Where the Wind Blows" (New Novel)

About the Author

Born in Leicester England, Pamela Hamilton has been writing since 1990. She has a diploma for Creative Writing with Highest Honors with the Stratford Career Institute of Toronto.

Pamela now resides in Ontario, Canada.

You can find Pamela at

Pamela is also an author on







There Are Hidden Opportunities Within Change – Social Media Hack

The Entrepreneur Survivor – ON CAN

Change is inevitable.

We can hide from it, run from it or simply ignore it but not matter what we do change will find us and force us to deal with it. This is an unfortunate fact or as I like to call it, The Harsh Truths.

But there’s also hidden opportunities within change that we can turn into unfair advantages. And if you’re like me, sometimes the things you’re working on have a way of magically synchronizing with the changes in the air.

Opportunity Rears It’s Beautiful Head

For some strange reason I felt compelled to share a strategy I’ve been using to hack social media. As you may know from my ONE Chapter books, me and Zukerburg have a LOVE HATE thing going on.

But the root of the strategy wasn’t born in social media hacking but because I seen a need. I was engaging with many entrepreneurs who had jumped into the entrepreneurial life because they went to a seminar, watched a webinar or heard a motivational speech and they were inspired to take action.

Maybe that sounds familiar. But the problem was, motivation is not enough.

Motivation is not enough

I write about this in my book, The Harsh Truths and I go deeper into it in my training package, The Harsh Truths Experience. You can click the link to learn more about those.

But I also wanted to create this free training to help entrepreneurs take what they already know to make their income grow. So I mapped out the system I was using to grow my social media and create more engagement with my audience and developed a PDF and video training giveaway that highlighted this simple strategy.

Here’s a preview of it.

Then it Happened

Like magic, Instagram announced that they were changing the way people see posts. They started testing removing likes from the posts and my free training became even more relevant and needed.

It went from a cool thing that could really enhance your business or help you utilize information to something you definitely need to have to grow your online income stream of your business.

This is one of the advantages successful people have. Always being prepared and knowing how to take advantage of hidden opportunities.

Take the Free Training Here so you can take advantage of the hidden opportunities that find you too.

When I first connected with W.T. I knew he was a leader who takes action to make the most out of an opportunity. He knows how to create success and to empower and motivate his clients to do the same. He is an insightful, knowledgeable visionary that gets the job done for his clients.

—Jim Britt—13 time best selling and named as one of the world’s top 20 success coaches

How To Do The Things You Want To Do – Success Hacks

The Entrepreneurial Survivor – ON CAN

‘Nothing can be achieved that cannot be believed’

I have accomplished many amazing things in my life so far. My journey began in a city in England then took me across the ocean. I found myself in a small town in Canada where I quickly learned how to turn my disadvantages into success.

Listen to this part of my story here

But through the lesson’s of life I have learned a wonderful and spectacular secret. It is not really a secret but it is very powerful and it is this.

Everything I have Achieved, I’ve Achieved on Purpose

From speaking on stage to writing books I did them all on purpose with a purpose. This has been one of the keys to my success. It continues to be the foundation of my success. There are 7 Essential Success Hacks that I follow. These are the same success hacks that all successful people use daily and weekly.  Continue reading How To Do The Things You Want To Do – Success Hacks

There are 7 Essential Success Hacks That Every Successful Person Uses

There are 7 Essential Success Hacks that every successful person uses

 There are 7 Essential Success Hacks that every successful person uses on a daily and weekly basis. And knowing these success hacks gives them an unfair advantage and it’s one of the reasons they excel so much faster than other’s in their field.

Most people know a few of these but if you’re not using all 7 hacks in your business you’re most likely not as successful as you should be.This is why it is so important to know what these 7 Essential Success Hacks are and how to use them to create the foundation for your success.

Imagine What It Would Feel Like To…
  • Really know how to take your ideas from start to finish
  • Create more income in your business
  • Have the time freedom to enjoy what you do
  • Know how to assess your ROI

Know how to avoid the Success Trap!That’s right, there’s a success trap that exists and successful people know exactly what it is and what you must do to avoid it.

I’m sure you’ve seen many smart and motivated people who’ve had an awesome idea, got it going, made money doing it but are miserable running their business.

They hate their success and wish they could walk away from it but they can’t because they’re married to it now. They’re Trapped!

This is why it is so important to know what the 7 Essential Success Hacks are and how to use them to create the foundation for your success.


With the Recent Changes to Instagram Likes This is….

The Entrepreneur Survivor – ON CAN

With The Recent Changes To Instagram Likes This is More Relevant Than Ever

It has been recently announced that Instagram will begin to hide the likes on your posts. It is already happening in Canada and other countries and it will soon be launched in the USA too.

What does that mean for you?

It means you’ll need to make sure you have a system in place that not only creates more engagement but also creates more cash flow from your posts.  Your captions need to share insight, tidbits of actionable information with clear CTA’s.

Using a system like this will help you in all your social media posts and marketing. It is important for your marketing to be heart centered with the purpose of adding value to your social media fan.

This is not always as simple and easy as it may sound but it can be done in a fun and creative way.

How Does It Work?

I have created a simple success plan for social media that will bring the results you need and help you to have more fun in your business. This is the system I’ve used to allow me to speak on stage multiple times a year, write hit book series and work from phone.

You can learn more about this success system here and watch a preview of the video training

“WT is a stellar example of tenacity. He is relentless in the pursuit of his passions. He leads with his heart and closes with his head. He’s an authentic speaker, dedicated entrepreneur and committed business coach. If you have one person in your corner, make sure it’s WT!!”

— Rina Rovinelli Co-Founder of Speaker Slam

Why Am I Sharing This With You?
Every Entrepreneur has the Same Story. We are highly motivated and inspired to serve a purpose and make a difference so we jump into the entrepreneurial life full of ambition.

But then Real-Life hits us and we are faced with the Dream Crushing Hurdle and suddenly our motivation and inspiration is not enough! So we struggle alone because everyone around us is succeeding and we don’t want to be the one that fails. 

The Harsh Truth is, Every Entrepreneur has the Same Story but we never tell that story. So I decided I needed to tell that story too. The real side of being an entrepreneur and how I survived it. I did that through my ONE Chapter Book series and now I’ve expanded it to help more people through my video training packages.  

My Vision is to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals using the same tools & techniques I used to achieve mine. I feel successful entrepreneur have a responsibility to share their knowledge and be honest about the entrepreneur life. That’s why I do what I do and I invite you to join me and start building more success in your life too. 

W.T. Hamilton

Watch the preview for this training and learn more about the bonuses now

I look forward to helping you create the success you deserve.

My Life is Health, Wealth and Joy. This Can Be Your Life Too!

Life Changing. How did I change everything around in my life from negative to positive?
"Life Changing - My Life is Health, Wealth and Joy This Can Be Your Life Too!"
Jack Canfield is an American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which has more than 250 titles and 500 million copies in print.

Jack Canfield was among the first teachers that entered into my life when I came to understand the law of attraction. So, you can imagine what fun it was spending time with him and getting a personal picture taken together.

Jack teaches the Law of attraction and he has brought millions of people to change their lives and live the life of joy that we were meant to live. Now W.T (my son) and I are following in his and many more teachers’ footsteps that we have learnt from. I’ve written seven books since and W.T has written ten. We have written six of those together under the Your Invincible Power book series. It’s been a life changing experience for us since we came to understand these powerful laws that govern us. I mean to say who would have thought that I, Pamela Hamilton would ever meet Jack Canfield let alone have lunch with him.

When this idea of the law of attraction came my way, I was just like anyone else living my life by default and trying to understand why unpleasant things, people and situations came into my experiences so often—thinking like so many of us that it was just bad luck. When I started to really understand these laws and how powerful they are and that I have access constantly to that same power and that I could take control over my life is when I really turned it all around.

I came to understand that we are all creators with real power. I soon started to see things change and before too long I left my negative job, I found my way back to full health after being diagnosed with a incurable disease and suffering in enormous pain, which was proof to me that if I could overcome an incurable disease and leave all of that pain behind me, I could do anything. I started to write which had always been my passion from when I was a young child even though, previously, I had no belief in my ability and had no confidence in my writing. Now it was changing. I was building onto my confidence step by step. I then started this website, wrote my first book with my son W.T, became vice "Life Changing - My Life is Health, Wealth and Joy This Can Be Your Life Too!"president of my own company and went on to write the other five books doing book signings, podcast interviews and even T.V. interviews, and meeting people such as Jack Canfield! In between all of that I have been manifesting so many things into my life such as unbelievable relationships with loving and caring people that really are there for me. My husband and I go away to our house in Jamaica every winter and sit by the beach as much as we want to. We went to Australia and New Zealand last year and I can say I can now travel as much as I want to. I have found that knowing what I now know I can easily bring things into my life that I want to see manifest instead of what I use to call leaving it to fate. What a resumé I now have! I Love this journey.

My life changed unbelievably so. This is how life can change for you also. We have the answers in our books.

However, there is more good news, we are about to start a number of webinars so that we can explain to you how you can change your life and live a life of complete joy as we are doing. We have the wonderful Life Coach teacher, Celine Beaudoin who is joining W.T and myself bringing our powerful knowledge together for your benefit.

Keep your eye on this website for further details. We hope to join up with you very soon.

Your Friend, Pamela "Life Changing - My Life is Health, Wealth and Joy This Can Be Your Life Too!"

Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.

You can also find Pamela and W.T @