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Welcome to the beginning of the New YOU

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This site is designed to help you discover Your Invincible Power and give you valuable insight to help you create a wonderful and amazing life.

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As you explore this site you will find many answers to the questions, ‘How can I take control of my life?’ ‘What if I could have wonderful and rewarding relationships?’ ‘What would it be like to bring my dreams and aspirations to life?’


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Think about this question for  a moment. What would you change in your life? What if you could control how your day went? How your week went? How your month went?



law of attraction, books, mindset, success, Your Invincible Power

Your Invincible Power was written for you. It’s more than a motivational book. It is a guide to living the life that you deserve. It will reveal what many never tell you. How to make the Law of Attraction really work for you. You will discover how to apply it to your life and the amazing ways that it can work. This site is your site to help you do what you have always struggled to do. TAKE CHARGE of your own destiny. This is why we made this site.


law of attraction, mindfulness, success, ebook. mindset, empowerment

Join Law of Attraction experts
Pamela Hamilton
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and W.T. Hamilton

law of attraction, expert, success coach, empowerment

 as they empower you through their writing and coaching to help you discover Your Invincible Power and enable you to live the life that you deserve.


law of attraction, mindset, success

How will this site help you?

There are many articles based on the teachings of our motivational and empowering book series, Your Invincible Power, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of this powerful Universal law.

As you begin to discover the power you have within you and understand how to apply it, each of these articles will enhance your abilities to take this life-changing knowledge and apply it to your own life.

You will quickly realize the power that has lied dormant in your life, waiting for you to unlock and unleash, until now. This is why you have found this site.

You are here to create a new You – You 5.0

It is time for you to take charge of your journey and start using your power, Your Invincible Power to write your own story based on your own rules, dreams and desires.


Have you ever asks yourself this question?


law of attraction, success, mindset, success coach

Click the link right now and start your journey, you deserve to create the best version of you right now. It’s time to discover Your Invincible Power.





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